About Us

Vision Statement:

To create a society where the dignity of all people are honored; by changing racialized systems of oppression, and building systems of equitable resources and opportunities that embody love, redemption, restoration, liberation, and second chances.


Mission Statement:

To reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and provide training that transforms lives, improves moral reasoning, and prepares returning citizens for sustainable living through education, employment, and social responsibility.


Turn the Page Center for Urban and Adult Development’s is a 501 C(3) non-profit organization whose philosophy and methodologies are undergirded by biblical and guiding principles which are used to help develop the whole person spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. We believe that as a community of faith, it is our responsibility to reclaim, restore, revive, and resituate those who have been formerly incarcerated. We use a collaboration of researched-based therapy strategies, life coaching, community organizing, spiritual formation, and individual/group dynamics to foster independent living in community.


With over 20 years of business acumen, proven success in individual’s transformation outcomes, and a wide spectrum of self-actualization tools, personal growth target development strategies, and time-effective training objectives, Turn the Page believes an individual can transition to successful re-integration. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management and Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies, Stephanie Strong brings to the table a keen sense of awareness, passion, purpose, and resolve. With her heart of compassion and result-driven coaching strategies, and community organizing, she and her team are committed to guiding, teaching, training, developing, supporting, loving, engaging, and producing positive productive people on purpose who are willing to Turn the Page and begin a new chapter in their life with training, guided assistance, and employment opportunity.